“Education is a way of life and the only tool to change an ordinary man into a cultured individual.” The beginning of the knowledge gaining process has to be a remarkable one laying a strong foundation to a better learning. It is with this aim that DHAYA DHEEKSHA TM was commenced in the year 2006 by Ms.G.Yuvarani, Montesssori Directress.

We are indeed happy to offer value based education to teachers .It is the support and goodwill of teachers and schools which has been one of the major reasons for us being able to highlight ourselves as potential institution in this Montessori community. Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution. Our journey started far back as 2006 with a few teachers and Staffs, with the blessings under the able guidance of renowned educationalists and Philanthropists, now we are going in strength.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a first international Montessori teacher training institute affiliated to BHARAT SEVAJ SAMAJ at Coimbatore and Palani. We offer this valuable course for the student’s graduates and other teaching professionals, creative excellence diverse knowledge. We implement the valued method Montessori system of education. Courses are all taught by Montessori trained graduates with personal teaching experience.

Main Objective

As Maria Montessori said, to spread awareness about Montessori philosophies and methodology to all corners of the world. To instill in every teacher the light of the Montessori guiding spirit. To work towards betterment of mankind. We like to join hands with you to achieve this objective.

We attempt to give our best, efficient service to students, wherever they may be, we have theory and hands on training during the practical with fully equipped Montessori materials in our own centre.

Core Values

10 Years of experience in Montessori Training

DHAYA DHEEKSHA TM has so far trained more than 1500 students in and around Tamilnadu. We have trained more than 300 teachers in their respective schools through orientation programmes

Provision of high quality teaching informed by research.

Dedication to excellence

Uphold the ethics and etiquette of teaching, learning, research and consultancy

Nurture responsible corporate citizenship with strong social responsibility.

Uphold the virtues of truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, professionalism, teamwork and meritocracy.

Maintain impartiality in assessment of student and staff performance.

Add value to interaction with various communities through Extra- Mural activities..

10 Years Of Experience In Montessori Training.

Diplomas and Certificates

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 09.30 – 14.00
Saturday 09.30 – 14.00
Sunday Holiday
Holidays Closed

Class Schedules

See below for the Timetable for our lecture and special classes

Appointment to visit

Just send your name and and subject. you can visit and clarify your doubt in person.